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Empowered People are Mighty People.

Playing business as usual equals a revolving door for employees and average results for an organization. At TRCG we breathe new life into the cultures of healthcare, higher education, and government entities. We believe the human inside the suit, regardless of position or title, wants to win at work. TRCG grants that wish.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

 - Albert Einstein

 If you do a little research, you will see a 70% failure rate is frequently attributed to organizational change initiatives. Why? Because band-aid initiatives can never mend the broken heart of a company. If organizations want sustainable growth, financial gain, and innovation in a competitive world, the changes must go deep. They must be systemic. This type of change requires new ways of thinking.

More than any other time in history, we can clearly see the ripple effect that our choices and actions have on the world. The magnitude of what it means to lead today is unprecedented. The demands are higher and the complexities continue to grow. Leaders face political, economic, environmental, socio-cultural issues, and the list goes on. It’s clear that leading from a bubble is no longer an option. That is good news.

Our world and its people are demanding a new way and TRCG answers the call.

Core Competencies
  • Imprinting a new and different way of thinking about people; the environment within which they work; and embedding that thinking into the organizations' culture.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction, accountability & productivity by at least 10% in as little as 6 months.
  • Taking the guesswork out of strategic planning by delivering concrete measurable data.
  • Being a sounding board and strategic advisor to CEOs and executive leadership team members.
  • Founder, Patricia Ann Russell, is a recognized industry thought leader in culture change; leadership development, accountability; teaming; and talent management.
  • TRCG is a minority and woman-owned business.
  • We use proprietary assessments to measure individual accountability, cultural inclusivity, and retention gaps.
  • Original, transformative, and groundbreaking training methods used only by TRCG.
  • We transfer our knowledge so clients are self-sustaining versus TRCG reliant.
  • Adherence to our values of Truth, Courage, Innovation, and Sustainability.
Past Performance

For the past twenty years, TRCG has served more than forty medium-to-large-sized departments and organizations comprising hundreds of employees and leaders, across various industries, primarily, higher education, healthcare, and government entities. Our past performance in these industries include:

Higher Education Client (Executive coaching with a focus on accountability and Diversity)

  • Coached the VP and leaders of the development department at a prestigious University in the Washington D.C. area, hence contributing to more than doubling the charitable funding.
  • Wrote and executed a business plan with the Provost of Diversity at a major College in Rochester, New York that increased faculty and staff representation by more than 33% within two years.

Healthcare Clients (Cultural Competence; Employee Satisfaction and productivity)

  • Increased employee satisfaction, accountability for results, and productivity by 10% by implementing a talent management process that included clarifying roles and expectations, professional development training, career pathways, and succession planning.
  • Shifted employees' perception of the organization's culture through employee engagement in affinity groups, decision-making and accountability training hence impacting retention rate and employee satisfaction.
  • Created a cultural competence and mutual respect course and certified twenty healthcare professionals to teach it as a credit course for medical students, allowing the institutions to meet their JACHO and LCME accreditation standards. Participants also reported improved employee relations and overall better patient care.

Government Client 

  • Reorganized employee roles and expectations which improved communication, increased productivity and saved money.  Leaders then had more time and energy to spend on forward-thinking projects rather than putting out fires.