Chester Security Group
1070 Hwy 71, Smithville, TX 78957 (727) 556-9902
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Chester Security Group, LLC is comprised of an elite group of former military and current/retired law enforcement professionals with years of operational experience, both domestically and internationally. Our premier facility is located in the Austin, Texas area.

We offer a broad range of tactical and technical expertise across multiple disciplines within the executive protection community, as well as Department of Defense operations. Our services include addressing physical security and operational risk issues. We also work with law enforcement operations and military tactics training. 

Veteran owned and operated, we understand the need for OPSEC. We have extensive experience with government personnel assigned to mission-sensitive units and activities. Our CEO also has experience as a Special Agent with the US Army Criminial Investigations Division. 

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Core Competencies
  • Executive Protection Threat Assessments
  • Facilities Security Assessments
  • Gap Analysis
  • Security Consulting and Audits
  • Personal Protective Services
  • Security and Situational Awareness Training for Organizations
  • Executive Protection Training for Law Enforcement
  • Active Shooter Response for Civilians
  • School Police Audits
  • Tactical Firearms and Weapons Qualifications
  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Hard Surface and Off Road Driving
  • Non-Assisted Recovery (NAR)
  • Combat Medicine (TCCC & TCCC+)
  • Exercise and Mission Rehearsal Training

Veteran-Owned Small Business.
Our holistic approach takes into account the organization’s operations, resources, and culture.
Our innovative business model allows us to offer competitive prices.
Multi-disciplinary instructors implement training ranging from law enforcement survival skills, small tactics units, and SOCOM forces.
We hold teaming agreements with multiple training facilities throughout the U.S.
We are registered with the State of Texas in Private Security.

Past Performance
Department of Defense 2015-2016

Tactical Training -- $652,000

Department of Defense 2012-2014

Pre-Deployment & Tactical Training -- $1.2M

Department of Defense 2013-2016

Tactical and Tradecraft Training -- $1.35M