Precious Haul LLC

Precious Haul LLC
2350 Cobb parkway, Symrna, GA 30080 (845) 401-1258
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Precious Haul LLC is a transportation company based out of Symrna, GA. We specialize in the transportation of dry goods to anywhere in the 48 states. Our driver has over 17 years of experience with a completely safe driving record. We understand the importance of keeping our client's goods safe, as well as, delivered on time and securely. With our 53 foot truck, we can secure up to 40,000 lbs without being overweight. Contact us today to find out more about our Federal Contracting abilities!

Core Competencies
  • Local Trucking
  • Long Distance Trucking
  • 53' Dryvan
  • Hazmat Option
  • Hauling
  • Food Products
  • Automobile transportation
  • Transportation of any dry products

Safe driving record with over 17 years of experience

Upgraded cargo limit to $250,000

You tried the rest, now try the best. Precious Haul LLC

Sba cert
Past Performance

Wise Potato Chip delivery - Potato chips - 20,000Lb shipment - $3,000

Dollar General Hauling of goods - Paper towels, water, house goods - $100,000