Pepper Source, Ltd.
2720 Athania Parkway, Metairie, LA 70002 (504) 885-3223
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Pepper Source, Ltd. was founded in 1987 to provide specialty spice blend production with a unique and private label. Our capabilities allow us to develop flavor profiles and concepts for our customers as well as create and produce from start to finish in one location. We customize every layer of the customer’s product, from creating a concept to the individual packaging, we create a product as specific and unique as your company’s brand. Contact us to learn more about our federal contracting abilities. 

Core Competencies
  • Custom Sauces and Glazes
  • Custom Dry Coating Systems and Seasonings
  • Custom Product Packaging

Develop and manufacture custom sauces, seasonings, and dry coating systems from beginning to end

Custom Flavor Profiles

Samples Provided in 1 Week

Industrial Sized Manufacturing Capabilities

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