Orbit Energy Systems, Inc.
39 Thayer Drive, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 (732) 542-7635 rsturz@msn.com
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Orbit Energy Systems, Inc. is a small business incorporated after being awarded a patent for the high-speed method of forming a salt glass battery. Our factory forming machine is designed to form a sodium ion Supercapacitor Battery as a spool at a rate of 1 spool every 30 to 90 seconds. This spool is 24" long x 3" in diameter and weighs under 12 pounds. Salt battery technology is new and has not emerged commercially. Our production machine can propel the salt battery ahead of the lithium battery in many room temperature, rechargeable battery applications. Contact us to learn more. 

Core Competencies

Supercapacitor-Battery (salt rechargeable battery) production that is economically  and functionally better than lithium batteries 

Major applications include: 

  • NAVY: Manufacture Na+ ion Supercapacitor-Batteries (SBs) to provide fast charge-discharge pulse power, without overheating, and with resistance to an a-bomb EMP.  Build Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) using SBs for pulse power, communication and digital control systems on planes and ships. 
  • ARMY: Manufacture Na+ ion Supercapacitor-Batteries (SBs) to build all-electric Humvees with zero IR signature, silent operation, fireproof, fast charge-discharge and resistance to an a-bomb induced EMP.
  • US Air Force: Manufacture Na+ ion Supercapacitor-Batteries (SBs) to build fireproof, fast charge/discharge Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) for pulse power, digital control and communication systems on planes, needing resistance to an a-bomb induced EMP.

Tests on salt batteries made-in-the-laboratory show that a salt battery can eliminate most of the problems with lithium batteries.

Our salt supercapacitor battery can now be mass produced. Mass production capability of SBs is a critical requirement for auto, SUV, truck, and humvee production.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies and roadside electric filling stations all requiring "modular banks of SBs" to store and release electric power rapidly without overheating  (not possible with expensive lithium-ion batteries).

For lithium batteries, there is a very high capital cost for volume production.  And the unit cost for each lithium cell is very expensive.  These problems are solved by the "salt battery" production capability of Orbit Energy Systems, using the green forming machine and its mass produced yellow supercapacitor battery.