Mays IT Solutions, LLC

Mays IT Solutions, LLC
20 Paula PL, 303, Rosedale, MD 21237 (410) 949-5598
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Mays IT Solutions, LLC is a Computer Repair and IT Support Company located in Rosedale, MD. Our company can offer but is not limited to IT Support, RAM upgrade as well as hard drive replacement and repair services. We can provide in-person desktop support or online support dependant upon the clients' needs. Let Mays IT Solutions help provide your organization with quality IT Support services. Contact us today to find out about our federal contracting abilities and to see how we can best assist you and your organization's IT needs.

Core Competencies
  • Hard drive replacement and repair
  • Ram Upgrade
  • IT Support
  • Two years of industry experience
  • Specialize in desktop support
    • In-person
    • Online
Past Performance

Consumers - swap out hard drives upgraded RAM, 3-4 clients per week