Knust Godwin LLC
28825 Highway Boulevard, Katy, TX 77494 (281) 371-5408
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Knust-Godwin has been providing high quality precision production machining services for over a combined 100 years to companies throughout the world. We specialize in CNC turning and CNC milling with significant experience in the oil and gas, geophysical/seismic, semiconductor and medical industries. We are more than just a machine shop, we are part of your manufacturing solution. From a concept, to engineering, to prototype, to production runs, we provide you with a place to go for all your machining needs. Our commitment to quality produces high-precision part components as well as complicated turn-key assemblies. We know the service we provide will bring your projects to completion with confidence.

Core Competencies
  • Engineering
  • Precision Milling
  • Precision Turning
  • Additive Manufacturer
  • Laser & E-Beam Welding
  • GTAW/TIG/MIG Welding
  • Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Drilling
  • Repair and Refurbish
  • Cold Working
  • Finishing
  • Quality Assurance

Knust-Godwin capabilities include:
Precision CNC Turning, 5-Axis Milling, Vertical and Horizontal Milling, EDM, Gun-drilling, BTA Drilling, Honing, CMM Inspection, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Welding, Laser Overlay, and E-Beam Welding.


Knust-Godwin products are manufactured under the full control of a Quality Assurance System which is continually audited and approved by API Q1 (license: Q1-0307), and ISO 9001:2015, with API certificates for 7-1 (license: 7-1-0514) and 5CT (license: 5CT-0697).

Knust-Godwin utilizes an in-process approach to continually improve our processes.

From our material analysis lab, UT & LP, Helium leak testing to Pressure testing, Knust-Godwin brings a formidable array of tools and techniques to inspect and ensure your parts meet requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process.