JL Troupe Company, Inc.
7266 Governors West, Huntsville, AL 35806 (256) 830-1223 x301 anna.troupe@jltroupe.com www.jltroupe.com
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JL Troupe Company, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing firm based in Huntsville, Alabama with over 35 years of experience. We are proudly woman owned. We offer a range of capabilities related to precision sheet metal parts fabrication and finishing, including machining, TIG welding, laser cutting, and more. At the heart of JL Troupe Company is our team of qualified, trained, and dedicated professionals who are more than ready to deliver the right solutions for your organization’s needs.

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Core Competencies

Mechanical Engineering Services

• Product Development

• Functional Prototyping

• Machine/Robot Design

• 3D CAD Modeling

• Tolerance Studies

• FEA Analysis

Fabrication Services

• Laser Cutting

• Waterjet Cutting

• Turret Punching

• Brake Press

• Welding

• Alodine, TCP, Passivation, Chromate

• Powder Coating and Polane Paint

• Silkscreening

• Assembly and Packaging


Extensive Experience

Short lead times

Ability to handle intricate/complex designs

Small or large quantities

SO 9001 Certified

ITAR Certified

Licensed Professional Engineers (AL)

CA-777-E Certification

WOSB/WBE Certification (In progress)

Outstanding customer service

Family owned and operated