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GreenBelt Protection Service, LLC
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GreenBelt Protection Service, LLC is a licensed security company based out of New Orleans, LA. We specialize in proactive approaches to risk management, executive protection for celebrities, athletes and VIPs, and a limousine service that includes commercial licensed drivers/protection agents who ensure the safety and discrete logistical planned operations. We evaluate each company’s unique security needs and work closely with the client to set up a security program to mitigate risks. Please call today to find out more about our Federal Contracting abilities!

Core Competencies

A.  ROVING SUPERVISORS:  Our supervisors act as liaisons between the site managers and your company staff.  Each skilled supervisor is responsible for the delegation, preparation, problem solving, documenting formal complaints, and post assignments of detailed guards.

B.  SPECIAL EVENTS ATTIRE:  Special event attire will consist of a navy blue blazer suit jacket with a tie, and a white long or short sleeve shirt.

C.  UNIFORM ATTIRE: All guards are fitted with a light blue shirt and navy blue pants with the Greenbelt Protection Service security badge, black belt, and black shoes.

D.  RESPONSIBILITIES:  Our commissioned officers are trained professionals that display are recognized for their polite and helpful service.  Their responsibilities are to patrol the area(s) of your facility to keep a watchful eye on the valuable property, check credentials and verify individuals entering your facility.  Most importantly we establish an environment that reflects a trouble free for your residents and staff.  Prevention is the key to a smooth, hassle-free operation and we at Greenbelt Protection Service, LLC set the tone and standard for the safety and protection of your business.


We are an established and licensed security company with more than 15 years of experience securing businesses, communities, schools and special events. Greenbelt’s management staff has over 40 years of collective experience in business administration/management, military service, law enforcement, loss prevention, residential communities, and hotel security. 

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Past Performance

For an extensive list of our previous clients, please refer to our website at the top.