Flotech Environmental LLC
9824 NE 5th Ave Rd, Miami, FL 33138 (786) 365-0635 joef@flotechllc.com Visit Website
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Flotech Environmental LLC is a small business based out of Florida that specializes in the cleaning, inspection, and rehabilitation of waste water conveyance systems. Our state of the art equipment includes a side scanning digital camera technology that is designed for rapid and detailed condition assessments. We offer a 24-hour emergency response time and with a fleet of combination vactor and jet rodding trucks we are outfitted to serve both prior and post natural disaster recovery conditions. Contact us to learn more about our federal contracting abilities. 

Core Competencies
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Pipeline Cleaning
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Pipeline Inspection
  • Manhole Inspection
  • Rehabilitation

Equipment and Management are OSHA Certified

Traffic Maintenance Certification

NASSCO Certified for Inspections of Pipeline and Manhole Structures and Sewer Laterals

Bonded & Insured


100+ Years Combined Staff Experience

Sba cert
Past Performance

Florida DOT - Maintenance Storm Drains Contracts - $4,000,000 Annually

Orange County Florida - Large Diameter Storm Drains Cleaning and Inspection, Repair and Soil Stabilization Contracts - $4,000,000 Annually