Dog Gone Healthy, LLC

Dog Gone Healthy, LLC
6654 University Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562 (608) 575-4024
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Dog Gone Healthy, LLC is a disabled owned small business based out of Wisconsin. Our company provides a unique bio frequency tag that constantly communicates with your pets' body systems to maintain health and balance. The Pet Relief Tag relieves pets of anxiety, stiffness and mobility issues among many other symptoms. The Dog Gone Healthy products are not only helpful for pets it is helpful for humans alike as we also create a Relief Tag for humans.

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Core Competencies

Peak Performance Disc

Cell Protect Card

  • Radiation Protection
  • For Cellphones and Computers

Food Protect Card

  • Keeps food fresher up to 50% longer

Pet Relief Tag - For Animals

Relife Disc - For Humans

  • Disabled-owned small business
  • Patented Process
  • Nearly 40 years of industry experience
  • Item is beneficial to all
  • Relief Disk Helps
    • Anxiety
    • Energy
    • Stiffness and mobility
    • Sleep
    • Vitality
    • Immune Function
    • Endocannabinoid Nerve System Support