Coronet Ceramics, Inc
4560 Donovan Way North, Suite M, Las Vegas, NV 89081 (310) 658-1508
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Established in 1951, incorporated in 1978, Coronet is Celebrating 69 years in 2020. Coronet is a progressive, family-owned international organization, which is a proven industry leader. Coronet is a United States Company. We originally started ceramics manufacturing in California. We have manufacturing in the USA and China. This helps serve global demands. Through this international experience we developed and maintain, one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the in the USA. This prestigious business has serviced the FTD Top 500, for 69 years and continues to perform today. Relationships built on trust and quality, continue to be our foundation in the past, in the present and in our future. In recent years, under the leadership of third generation family member and CEO Mi Goldberg, Coronet has developed another three divisions:

Coronet PPE - is the manufacturing division of Coronet Ceramics Inc. We white label for many distributors, produce USA made hand sanitizer and PPE products for hospitals and the US Government. Our product, ingredients and facility are FDA registered.
 for hospitals and the US Government.

Coronet International - This division handles the importing & exporting worldwide. Coronet is well equipped to meet the needs of all segments of the market on an international and national basis.

Coronet Energy - a renewable fuel producer. Our focus is to produce clean energy in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Coronet is committed to clean and renewable energy now and in the future.

Core Competencies
  • Hand Sanitizer Manufacture. Our product, ingredients, and facility are FDA registered
  • Ceramics Wholesale
  • Fuel
  • Bunker Fuel, Road Fuel, Off-Road Fuel (Heavy equipment, turbines, boilers, ships & trains) Military Fuel
    • Burns cleaner and more efficient
    • Blends with all grades of diesel
    • Better economy with less carbon emissions


  • 17 years of industry experience. Branching into key products, such as water, clean energy and more.
  • Oldest family-owned ceramics company in America
  • Environmentally responsible products.
  • Offering fuel services to society to help offset the carbon footprint and reduce climate change.
  • Renewable diesel created from waste products, ultra-low sulfur and comes from renewable resources.
  • Purified drinking water. We offer bulk quantities & bottled water in normal and emergency situations.
  • Our Water Purifier uses fewer filters. Can clean saltwater & brackish water to drinking standards. Runs on solar power too!
  • Fast installation. Portable units available.
  • Renewable diesel
    • Burns cleaner than fossil diesel.
    • Has a positive impact on climate change.