Carlon Contracting LLC

Carlon Contracting LLC
1201 Squires Road, Rosalia, WA 99170 (509) 595-5412 Visit Website
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Carlon Contracting LLC is a site preparation, excavation and emergency relief company. We are a proud woman and family owned company based out of Pine City, Washington. Our company has over 20 years of industry experience, allowing us to offer a vast array of services such as site preparation, excavation, and emergency relief. The Carlon Contracting LLC team is built on dedicated professionals who strive to complete our tasks in a timely manner with safety as a priority.

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Core Competencies
  • Excavation
  • Site Preparation
  • Demolition
  • Rock Wall Building
  • Gravel Hauling, Dirt & Rock
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Emergency and Other Relief Services
  • Commercial Construction
  • Structure Contractors
  • Building Exterior Contractors
  • Framing Contractors
  • Woman Owned
  • Family Operated
  • Minority Owned
  • Reliable
  • Quick & Efficient
  • Non-Traditional Marketing Advertising
Past Performance

Fire Clean Up - $21K - Insurance Company - 2020
Site Prep & French Drain System - House w/ Springs underneath - 2021
Rock Walls - Residential - 7/9/21
Test Holes - Geoengineers - 2021
Site Prep - Shop - Residential - 2021