Brain Storm Logistics LLC

Brain Storm Logistics LLC
7943 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60620 (773) 484-6869
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Brain Storm Logistics LLC is a freight and logistics arrangement company based out of Georgia. We provide an array of freighting and logistic services so we can create solutions for our partners needs. Our services include general freight, specialized freight, and relocating used goods.

The Brain Storm Logistics team consists of dedicated and trained professionals are ready to assist your organization. We are committed to offering direct communication, tracking capabilities, and on-time deliveries for our contracts. 

For additional information on our company and federal contracting abilities, please reach out today!

Core Competencies
  • General Freight - LTL & TL Local
  • Specialized Freight - LTL & TL Local 
  • Dry Freight
  • Expedited Delivery Services
  • Fast and Reliable Service
  • Deadline Efficient
  • Safety Oriented
  • Direct Communication
  • Tracking Capabilities