Bender Water Brigade Inc

Bender Water Brigade Inc
50 Oak St , West Union, MN 56389 (715) 947-7789
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Based out of West Union, MN, Bender Water Brigade Inc offers disaster response teams to aid both people and animals. Our teams are on call 24/7 to provide assistance to those in need. BWB's chief and assistant chief are not only both retired firefighters but are trained in first aid as well. Safety is no stranger to us at Bender Water Brigade. It's our venture to provide disaster relief and maximum protection in every way feasible. To find out more about how we can help and our federal contracting abilities, reach out today.

Core Competencies
  • Animal Rescue
  • People Search & Rescue
  • Disaster Relief
  • Excellent customer service
  • Our work is our passion
  • Chief & Assistant Chief
    • Retired firefighters
    • Trained in first aid
    • Have our own veterinarian in training