Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc
1735 Peachtree ST Suite 116, Atlanta, GA 48503 (404) 702-5959
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Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc (ACAI) is an Administrative Management and General Management Consulting company with its Corporate Office in Atlanta, GA, and Health Care Facility in Mid-Michigan. Our specialty is in creating strategic plans to execute each statement of work with exceptional outcomes. We provide staffing for all industries cross-country while specializing in healthcare, janitorial, and technology solutions to the Federal, State, and Local governments, as well as commercial customers.
Core Competencies
  • Consulting

Business Process Management (BPM)
Training & Development
Implementation & Execution Project Management

  • Staffing

Industry Specific Talent Placement
Project-Based Staffing Solutions

  • Healthcare Staffing/Management

Licensed and Specialist Talent Placement
Assess and Analyze for Process and Performance Improvements

  • Janitorial

Provide Safe/Healthy Work Environments IAW State/Federal Laws and Regulations

  • Telecommunications/Information Technology (IT)

National and International Infrastructure Services
And Solutions Provided with Redundancy Design, Implementation and Support Services Software Development
Voice, Video, and Internet Services

  • Cybersecurity and Biometrics Authentication

Software and Hardware Solutions End-to-End

  • Quality Assurance: On-site project management and Daily/Weekly KPI Analysis
  • National Coverage: Ability to provide services nationwide
  • Technical Approach: Performance outcomes have exceeded projections
Past Performance

Department of Health and Human Services – Value: $104K

  • 1999 – 2015 | Non-medical Homecare

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services – Value: $21.9M

  • 2007 – Present | Home Healthcare

  • 2008 – Present | Skilled Nursing & Therapy for over 10,000 Patients via Health Insurance Providers

State Government of Michigan – Value: $12.2M
  • 1998 – Present | Professionally cleaned over 926,000 Residential Units

Valley Area on Aging Agency – Value: $930K

  • Offices of Services for the Aging 1998 – Present | Acute Services 

Level 3 Communications – Value: $127M

  • 2000 – 2009 | Consulting, Telecommunications IT, Mergers & Acquisitions 

Morgan Stanley – Value: $128B

  • 2009 – 2012 | Wealth Management, Investment Banking – IPO Facebook ($104B), General Motors ($23.1B), Bond Offering Atlanta Falcons Stadium Municipal Bond ($800M), Portfolio Construction