Alai Technologies

Alai Technologies
8070 Georgia Ave , Silver Springs, MD 20910 (202) 791-1808
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Alai Technologies has provided top-notch IT solutions within the industry. We have extensive industry experience, various credentials, and offer an array of specializations.

Our services range anywhere from IT service delivery to support for SMBS with a variety in between. In addition to a diverse skill set, we ensure excellent customer service, build client relationships, have strong industry connections, and more. Here at Alai Technologies, our team of professionals goes above and beyond 100% of the time.

Please reach out today for additional information on our company and federal contracting abilities.

Core Competencies

IT Solutions

IT Service Delivery

Support & Management for SMBs

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Highly skilled and certified
  • Excellent customer service
  • Build client relationships
  • Strong industry connections
  • Strive to fit all client's needs