293 Magnolia Avenue Suite A, Clarksburg, WV 26301 (304) 629-1203
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AIOfarm LLC leverages years of government science and technology experience to solve complex problems in artificial intelligence and advanced technologies.

The founders grew up on farms and plan to apply several innovative technologies to legacy farm processes. Part of the portfolio will be a functional farm therefore trees, fruits, vegetables, and livestock as well as other goods will also be sold. With a long history of supporting classified programs and national security, there will still be niche areas of support to the US Government.

Please contact us about our company and federal contracting abilities. 

Core Competencies

Artificial Intelligence

Identification Technologies

Innovative Farming

  • HubZone certification in progress
  • World-renowned expertise 
  • Decades of experience in the Intelligence Community solving sensitive Government challenges
  • Applies technology to legacy problems to improve everyday life
  • Proven experience in both the Government and the AI industry and other technology industries
  • Thought leadership for modernization for smart cities and other video analytic solutions
  • Maintains excellent customer service with references from the highest level of government
  • Maintains long-term and repeat clients