21st Century Trucks For Hire, LLC
3105 Sylon Blvd, Hainesport, NJ 08036 (609) 929-5470 joe.hudson3@icloud.com
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21st Century Trucks for Hire is an established transportation services company that has served the Northeast corridor for 33 years. It has tailored to the medical and manufacturing industries providing critical care delivery, white glove assembly and testing of high-end medical equipment and just in time urgent deliveries for manufacturing. We provide specialized transportation of telecommunications, robotics and semiconductor components. We facilitate trade show exhibits, provide First and Final Mile services, dedicated product rollout processes, SL8500 handling, transportation of robotics, specialized medical beds and dialysis solutions. Our team provides warehousing and distribution services that include custom logistics solutions. We are 13485:2016 certified, CTPAT certified, and state licensed for medical distribution.

Please reach out for more information on our services or federal contracting abilities.

Core Competencies
  • General Freight

  • Datacenter Destruction
  • Medical Supplies Transportation
  • Medical Equipment Transportation
  • Warehousing & Distribution Services
  • Datacenter Relocation & Migration Services
  • 30+ years of industry experience

  • Excellent customer service
  • Timely deliveries
  • Efficient results
  • Safety focused
  • Well-versed in all service areas
Past Performance
  • Patient-facing critical care delivery of dialysis 

    solutions & equipment
  • Delivery, installation & baseline operational confirmation of boutique & demo medical tech including blood analysis, robotic surgery, pharmaceutical refrigeration & electronic operating tables
  • Delivery & installation of consumer electronics
  • Express delivery for urgent manufacturing runs
  • Moving & relocation services
  • Private label production for retail & B2B food industries
  • Vendor services for municipal, community & cultural events