MyProtectiveGear, Inc.

MyProtectiveGear, Inc.
100 Rialto Place #704 , Melbourne, FL 32901 (501) 529-3825
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MyProtectiveGear, Inc. provides high quality, medical equipment and accompanying supplies to our clientele. We have 37 years of extensive industry experience, various credentials, and offer an array of options.

Our specifications include but are not limited to: N95 or  N99 supplies, surgical masks, protective gear, and logistics support. In addition to a diverse background, we have exclusive distributorship of personal protective equipment, ensure competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and more. Here at MyProtectiveGear, Inc., our team of professionals achieve maximum client satisfaction through being innovative, flexible, service-oriented, and performance-driven.

Please contact us today for additional information on our company and federal contracting abilities.

Core Competencies

US Made Medical Equipment & Supplies

N95 & N99 Supplies

Surgical Masks

Protective Gear


  • 37 years of collective industry experience
  • HUBZone (in progress)
  • Various years of experience in medical industry
  • High-quality PPE
  • Extensive experience and background in manufacturing/international logistics
  • Rich and diverse skillset working with federal  contractors/private sector industry leaders
  • Help to maximize your prevention strategies
  • Strive to improve your quality of safety in today’s environment
  • Have exclusive distributorship of US-made personal protective equipment
  • All staff, logistics, and customer service is sourced in the US
  • Own all equipment necessary
  • Competitive pricing, below market price, American-made
  • On-time delivery
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Innovative, flexible, service-oriented, and performance-driven